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G4P Social Adventures is all about getting beyond the bars, we have all been there, at a club or bar thinking this isn’t the best way to meet the people you want to get to know. So in response to this challenge we have all had, G4P Social Adventures was formed to facilitate groups of like minded people in doing events that they would otherwise not be doing.

We are an events organisation that 100% focuses on the LGBTI community, this means outside of Mardi Gras and Pride you have a chance to socialise with like minded people going Kayaking, to the movies to watch the latest blockbuster or how about a big day out doing an amazing Wine Tour. We do it all.

We are building a safe, supportive & inclusive (religion, status, race, age & gender) community, accessed through a range of affordable social adventures to LGBTQI and their allies.

We aim to create the biggest and the best diverse community offering real world experience to solve a number of challenges faced by LGBTQI individuals including, but not limited to, isolation and fitting in by providing  social networks and support.


Who we are?


Mark Jones – Founder

Former club kid in his early 20’s, Mark decided there was more to life than dance floors and vodka and started Gay4Play.

“I enjoy bringing a great experience to people that are also looking for something different.”

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Matt – Partner

Relatively new to the G4P fold, Matt has taken on the role as the “Go to Guy” when any hosts or partners need a helping hand. He’s ready to step in and make sure everyone has  fabulous time.

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Gary – Partner

Gary has been an active participant in G4P events since its inception and bring his knowledge and experience to the G4P team as a partner. When asked about his age he simply replies he is so old that Noah was still alive when he was born.

“Gay4Play is something that I wish was around when I was a lot younger.”

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Philip – Host


Phil is awesome, everyone loves Phil! 

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Todd – Host

Todd is awesome, everyone loves Todd! 

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Zarrar – Host

Zarrar is awesome, everyone loves Zarrar! 

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Jorge – Host

Jorge is awesome, everyone loves Jorge! 

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Dann – Host

Dann is awesome, everyone loves Dann! 

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