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Hello Friends,


Those of you who have been to our events know we work very hard to make sure you have a great experience and all done with our amazing volunteers.

We love the part we play in connecting our community and now we are asking our community to help us be here for the future and do for others what we have done for you.

We have launched memberships and subscriptions so we can hopefully afford a small workforce to be able to expand our offering for you as well as ensure professional and consistent execution of our real world experiences.

Price rises are inevitable and we absolutely despise putting our prices up so we are hoping our memberships and subscriptions will help crowd fund to keep event our event prices down.



  • HELP US BE HERE IN THE FUTURE – Remember when you came to this city and didn’t know anyone? Then you met your friends at G4P. Now for just a $1 a week you can help us be here for future movers and shakers making this fine city their home.


  • AN ALTERNATIVE – Have you ever said “I’m bored, shall we go to the pub?” Well with G4P there is over 150 adventures a year and we want to add more.


  • CONNECTING A COMMUNITY – Your membership will go directly to running costs but as a business we are aiming to make a profit. However we are also committed to helping those who may not have the means to join in the fun causing isolation and sometimes withdrawal from a community that should be there to help each other. We want to offer those in need to come join us without judgement.


General Memberships
10% off All your personal tickets
Savings of up to $1200* per year
Discount of 10% off your ticket
Become a Member
VIP Memberships
12.5% off All your personal tickets
Savings of up to $1500* per year
Discount of 12.5% off your ticket
Event Upgrades**
Become a VIP Member

Guarantee of same annual fee for life as long as membership does not lapse (excluding students & concessions)

*        Maximum Saving for Membership or Subscription plan

**      Where available and where possible



Some FAQ’s

Q: Do I have to be a member?

A: No. Members will be offered discounts, rewards and the ability to sign up to one of our great value event packages but you can continue to purchase tickets at the full non member price.

Q: I’ve gotten my membership/subscription how do I claim my discount/included events?

A: All memberships and subscriptions attach to your Outix Login. When you log in to complete your purchase it will apply the appropriate discounts to your booking. Please email if you are having trouble.

Q: I’ve bought a ticket. What are my next steps?

A: All of our events our hosts will send you a text with key information including their phone number so that if your situation changes or you are lost etc you have a point of contact for the day.